Wooden Toys & Puzzles

Shop for new toys and puzzles in the Wood Shop and in the Creative Arts Shop. The Book & Puzzle Shop and the Flea Market have pre-owned toys and puzzles.  

Wooden Puzzles

These wooden puzzles are created by Ron Diller, son of a resident. Pieces range from 1” to 1/8” thick, 2” to 15” tall, by 2” to 20” long.  Most of them will stand up for ease of display.  Some are framed for travel or can be placed on a coffee table to entertain guests.  Learn more about Ron and his woodworking skills in the Artisan section.   

Wooden Preschool Toys

This is one of Wilbur Zirk’s sturdy pull-toys for preschoolers. The 16″ alligator is Wilbur’s own pattern. Find more about Wilbur and his wooden toys in the Artisan section. 

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Holmstad’s Creative Arts Center is the “Happy Place” for Many Residents

Darlene Miller, co-chair of the Bazaar’s Creative Arts Shop, is making a fabric book for toddlers.

From February through August, more than 50 residents created over 300 different items to sell in the Creative Arts Shop. Linda Anderson and Darlene Miller lead this team of residents who are generous with their time and talents to create items that bring joy to others. Linda Anderson shares, “For many residents, the Creative Arts Center is their ‘Happy Place’.”

You’ll find seasonal décor for fall and Christmas, several afghans, children’s toys, toddler fabric books, knitted baby and children’s wear, a variety of adult knitted and crocheted hats, scarves, and gloves.

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Knitted, Crocheted, Stitched and Hardanger Needlework

Residents have been hard at work since last February, preparing toddler dresses, children’s clothing, knitted toys, hats, mittens, scarves, and afghans for you on October 1. Also look in the Artisan section for the feature on Allan Dempsey and more of his Hardanger needlework. He will have his own shop at the Bazaar.   

A variety of chef’s aprons for yourself or to give to your favorite cook.  

Knitted Dress – Sizes 1 to 1-1/2 years. There are other adorable, knitted toddler dresses offered on October 1. 

Colorful knitted stuffed toys – There are knitted stuffed toys in several sizes at the Bazaar. 

Knitted & Crocheted Afghan – Four members of the Holmstad knitting group contributed their skills to complete this 50” X 60” afghan. The colorful squares are knitted, and the afghan is finished with a crocheted edge. When asked for an estimate of how long it took them to create it, all they would say was “many, many, many hours!” Left to Right:  Barbara Soris, Linda Anderson, Karen Stebbins, Barbara Hartig. Karen is the knitting group instructor and the daughter of a Holmstad resident. 

Closeup of the large afghan. This is one of several beautiful afghans that will be sold at the October 1 Holmstad Bazaar.

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Hardanger needlework Christmas Angel – Resident Allan Dempsey learned Norwegian Hardanger needlework 40 years ago. Several of his pieces — such as this beaded Christmas angel — will be for sale at the Bazaar on October 1. Read more about Allan and Hardanger embroidery in the Artisan section of this website. 


Wilbur Zirk’s Wooden Children’s Toys

Wilbur At Work

Wilbur Zirk started making children’s toys when the nieces and nephews began to arrive. However, he’s been a woodworker since he was a teenager. Wilbur and his wife, Esther, arrived at The Holmstad in 2020. He soon became involved in the wood shop where he enjoys making wooden toys and games. His next project is a wooden pyramid puzzle – look for those at the Bazaar, too!

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Wilbur’s Alligator and Dinosaur Wooden Pull Toys

The 16″ alligator is Wilbur’s own pattern.   


The 21″ dinosaur is a modified version of a larger pattern. Both toys are favorites of Wilbur’s grandchildren.


Fabric Toddler Books by Darlene Miller

Darlene Miller 

Darlene Miller has lived at Covenant Living of the Holmstad for four years and enjoys making crafts to sell at the Holmstad Bazaar on Saturday October 1. Darlene feels obligated to volunteer for such a good cause. She shares, “The camaraderie and the chance to make new friends are so valuable.”

This year, Darlene and other crafters created fabric books for toddlers. She is working on one that helps toddlers talk about animals.

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Noah’s Ark Toddler Books

There are eight different versions of the fabric books. Shown are pages from the Noah’s Ark book. Some of the fabric books teach the ABC’s, others are stories or take toddlers on adventures.