Holiday Decor & Ornaments


Wooden Trees for Indoor & Sheltered Outdoor Locations

The trees are 32 inches and 18 inches. They are made of stained oak or pine and can be easily disassembled to store. The woodworkers, Dick Greenwood and David Anderson, are featured in the Artisan section. 


The 2022 Holmstad Bazaar Wooden Ornament

Resident Jack Franklin hand shapes the hollow wooden spheres and finials and inserts a battery-operated tea light. The light is on a six-hour timer and the battery is replaceable for many years of enjoyment. 

In the Dark

In the Light


The popular Sea Urchin Ornaments are still available! 

Jack Franklin is also offering more of the sea urchin ornaments with turned wood finials. Find out more about Jack in the Artisan section. 

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Entertaining & Gifts

Charcuterie Boards and Sets

Take a look at the features about David Anderson and Steve Ewalt in the Artisan section. They both made a variety of charcuterie boards and other gifts for the October 1 Bazaar. 


Elegant Wooden Boxes 

David Anderson created several shapes of Bandsaw Boxes — each tiny box has a drawer for treasures.


Resident Joe Whatley crafted keepsake wooden boxes from several woods. A feature about Joe and another photo of one of his boxes is in the Artisan section. 

Handcrafted Walking Sticks

One of Richard “Mac” MacFeely’s specialties is turning walking sticks. Find out more about his woodworking in the Artisan section. 

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Detail of Mac’s Walking Sticks

Wooden Toys & Puzzles

Shop for new toys and puzzles in the Wood Shop and in the Creative Arts Shop. The Book & Puzzle Shop and the Flea Market have pre-owned toys and puzzles.  

Wooden Puzzles

These wooden puzzles are created by Ron Diller, son of a resident. Pieces range from 1” to 1/8” thick, 2” to 15” tall, by 2” to 20” long.  Most of them will stand up for ease of display.  Some are framed for travel or can be placed on a coffee table to entertain guests.  Learn more about Ron and his woodworking skills in the Artisan section.   

Wooden Preschool Toys

This is one of Wilbur Zirk’s sturdy pull-toys for preschoolers. The 16″ alligator is Wilbur’s own pattern. Find more about Wilbur and his wooden toys in the Artisan section. 

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