Entertaining & Gifts

Charcuterie Boards and Cutting Boards

Here are just two of the styles of boards for sale on September 21. They are made with various woods, and all are finished with food grade mineral oil. The cutting board by Joe Whatley is made of end grain cherry, walnut, and maple. See more about Joe in the Artisans section. 



Mac’s Turned Wooden Bowls & Vase

Find out more about Mac’s woodworking in the Artisans section. 


Outside Dining

Tiny Bandsaw Boxes 

David Anderson created several shapes of Bandsaw Boxes — each tiny box has a drawer for treasures. Click on the Artisans section to learn more about Dave. 


Handcrafted Walking Sticks for the 2024 Bazaar

One of “Mac” MacFeely’s specialties is turning walking sticks. They range from 36″ to 40.” Mac will custom fit each stick to the buyer.  

This is more detail of one of the sticks above. Mac made this walking stick out of a pool cue and topped it with an eight-ball.

Wilbur Zirk’s Bud Vases


Each bud vase is equipped with a glass beaker for the flower and water. This is just one of the shapes that Wilbur has created. All are exquisite! See more about Wilber in the Artisans section. 


Wood-Framed Hot Plates

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