Handcrafted Walking Sticks by Richard (Mac) MacFeely

For The Love of Walking 

Walking sticks — or the longer version hiking sticks – have been around as long as people have walked. They are often made from branches and roots or any wood of the forest. Popular woods are walnut, maple, oak and hickory. The tops can be cast metal or carved wood. The stick has to be custom fit to the walker and stays with him or her for life. Mac shares, “Turning, carving and assembling the sticks has kept me challenged. I love helping others find their stride.”

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Purchase walking sticks at the October 1 Bazaar

Mac’s handcrafted walking sticks make great Christmas gifts and will be available at The Holmstad Bazaar on October 1 from 9 am-3 pm. Stop by Mac’s table in the Bazaar’s Woodworking Shop to find out more about his hand-crafted sticks.