Visit the Holmstad Gift Shop While You’re at the Bazaar

The Holmstad Gift Shop is operated by resident volunteers. It will be open during the October 1 Bazaar. Stop in to purchase commercially produced and handmade cards created by residents. Also available are seasonal items, children’s toys and activities for quiet time. In addition to the regular merchandise, the Gift Shop will have a table of clearance bargains. Come and find that special gift!

Autumn gifts and decor are in stock. 


There is a beautiful selection of fall scarves for you or to give to someone special. 


Several residents make cards that are popular in the Gift Shop. Commercial cards are also available at reasonable prices. 

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Fall & Christmas Decor Galore!

Here’s a small sample of the fall and Christmas decor that you’ll find on October 1. All of these are created by Holmstad residents. Find even more ideas in the Artisan section. 

One of many fall and winter wreaths. This one is 12″ and some are showy larger ones.

Hand embroidered 32″ square autumn tablecloth 


You can find a large variety of holiday trees on October 1. The cork trees are 18″, 16″, and 12″. The three yarn-covered trees are 12”, 10”, and 6″. The Swedish girl is sold separately. 


BIG: This is one of the Christmas banners residents have available. It is 30″ X 45.” 

AND SMALL:  Gnomes to brighten windowsills, tables, and … wherever!  

Ceramic Christmas ornaments made by residents are painted with underglazes and both sides are finished with a protective clear glaze before firing in the kiln.


Crocheted Tree Skirt is 40″ in diameter. 


More decor for small spaces:   Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus are 9″ and the wreath made of slices from tree branches is almost 12.” 

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Fall Pumpkins Made by Lois Nyberg & Other Residents

Lois Nyberg

Lois has lived at Covenant Living at the Holmstad for a year. Her friend invited her to come to the Holmstad Creative Arts Center. She did various jobs, including creating the pumpkins for the Oct. 1 Holmstad Bazaar. Lois says, “I enjoy the fellowship and the people I meet. I was amazed and happy to see all of the crafts that were being created for the Bazaar. They are clever, beautifully made, and make great gifts.” 

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Fall Pumpkins made by Lois & other residents

Lois and other volunteers created several sizes of these pumpkins to share with you at the Bazaar. The pumpkins shown are about 8″ tall and are covered in various yarns. The stems are made from natural tree limbs.  

Fall & Holiday Wreaths By Ellen Askren

Ellen Askren 

Ellen has been making wreaths for 18 years. Most of her work is for sale in a local Geneva IL gift shop. When Ellen moved into Covenant Living at the Holmstad, she realized her skills could benefit the Holmstad Bazaar. She is making seasonal wreaths that will be for sale at the Bazaar on Saturday, October 1 from 9 am – 3 pm.

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One of Ellen’s Fall Wreaths


Ellen’s Colorful Holiday Wreaths