Books & Puzzles for All Ages

28 Categories of Books in the Shop

One large room is filled with books and puzzles for all ages. The books are sorted into 28 categories so you can easily find your favorite mysteries, best sellers, cookbooks, and Chicago topics. There are many books this year in the “Children and Young Adult” category.  New this year are books to learn and teach sign language.

Books About the Chicago Region


There are a lot of used Ravensburger, Ceaco, and Bits & Pieces puzzles to browse. Note: Because they are donated, we cannot guarantee that each puzzle is complete. But they are definitely priced to sell.  

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Coffee Table Books

Surprises Found in Donated Books

When books are donated by residents to sell at the Holmstad Bazaar, they often forget to remove things they had used as bookmarks. This year, Co-chair Judy Johnson found this expired Medicare card in a donated book and returned it to the resident.

Fabric Toddler Books by Darlene Miller

Darlene Miller 

Darlene Miller has lived at Covenant Living of the Holmstad for four years and enjoys making crafts to sell at the Holmstad Bazaar on Saturday October 1. Darlene feels obligated to volunteer for such a good cause. She shares, “The camaraderie and the chance to make new friends are so valuable.”

This year, Darlene and other crafters created fabric books for toddlers. She is working on one that helps toddlers talk about animals.

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Noah’s Ark Toddler Books

There are eight different versions of the fabric books. Shown are pages from the Noah’s Ark book. Some of the fabric books teach the ABC’s, others are stories or take toddlers on adventures.