Looking For a New House Plant?

Plants you’ll find on October 1

The Plant Shop offers a wide variety of house plants propagated by our residents, as well as fall mums grown commercially. Some of the rarer plants that will be included in the sale include Chinese Evergreens, which thrive on indirect light and Clivia. In the Plant Shop you’ll also find Dieffenbachia in various sizes, Variegated Croton, Chinese Money Plants, Snake Plants, Golden Pothos, Parlor Palms, various sizes of Christmas Cactus and a variety of succulents.

Some of Our Favorites

 Polka Dot Plant

    Chinese Evergreen – great plant for lower light conditions                                      

Friendship plants — also known as Chinese Money Plants — are popular, easy-care house plants. 

Fern, Variegated Croton, & a pot with Dieffenbachia and Golden Pothos

Propagating Plants for the Bazaar

Plant Shop Chair Rosemary Henders is one of the residents who spend many hours propagating new plants to offer at the Oct. 1 Bazaar.  Rosemary will be in the Plant Shop to share information about the plants for sale. 

This is an adult Clivia in full bloom. This plant had two offshoots this year that were propagated for sale. These newer plants have showy, broad, dark green, strap-like leaves but will need to mature before they flower. 

mum, plant, succulent