Large Wooden Holiday Trees by Dick Greenwood & Dave Anderson

Large Wooden Holiday Trees 

This is Dick Greenwood working on one of the wooden holiday trees that will be available at the October 1 Bazaar. Dick and Dave Anderson made these. 

Dick Greenwood began furniture restoration at least 20 years ago. His expertise has been put to good use at The Holmstad. He refinished our community’s grandfather clock that had been water-damaged and is on-call to help with other restoration projects. 

See more information about Dave Anderson and other projects he has created for the Bazaar: Bandsaw Boxes, Bird Houses, and Charcuterie Trays.

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The trees are 32″ & 18″

Dick saw the concept at a landscaper’s display in Minneapolis. He and Dave made their own patterns. The trees are stained oak or pine and can be disassembled to store.


Winter Trees by Sharon Hanson

Sharon Hanson

Sharon Hanson has lived at Covenant Living at the Holmstad for nine months. A lot of the people on her floor were active in doing crafts. Since she’s always enjoyed making crafts since she was a child, she joined them in Holmstad’s Creative Arts Center. People were making crafts to sell at the October 1 Bazaar. Sharon states, “I was handed Styrofoam cones, yarn, shiny beads and a glue gun and instructed to go for it!”  

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Three Sizes of Trees 

The finished trees are 12”, 10”, and 6″.  They are in the Creative Arts Shop at the Bazaar and will be sold individually. The Swedish girls and other miniatures are also for sale in the Craft Shop.