Fall & Holiday Wreaths By Ellen Askren

Ellen Askren 

Ellen has been making wreaths for 20 years. Most of her work is for sale in a local Geneva IL gift shop. When Ellen moved into Covenant Living at the Holmstad, she realized her skills could benefit the Holmstad Bazaar. She has made two seasonal wreaths that will be for sale at the Bazaar on Saturday, September 21, from 9 am – 3 pm.

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Ellen’s Fall Wreath Will be Offered on September 21


Ellen’s Colorful Holiday Wreath for Sale on September 21


Dave Anderson’s Woodworking

Dave Anderson

Dave and his wife, Merrie, moved to The Holmstad in 2014. As a long-time woodworker, he made the community’s wood shop his home away from home. For several years, Dave has led the group in projects for the Bazaar and to make or repair anything that The Holmstad needed from the woodworkers.  



One of Dave’s popular woodworking projects for sale again at the September 21 Holmstad Bazaar are his Bandsaw Boxes. Dave makes several shapes crafted from various hardwoods with one or more drawers ideal to hold tiny treasures.

Two of Dave’s Hospitality Items

Also see Dave’s birdhouses at the Bazaar Wood Shop! 




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Wilbur Zirk’s Wooden Children’s Toys & Vases

Wilbur At Work

Wilbur Zirk started making children’s toys when the nieces and nephews began to arrive. However, he’s been a woodworker since he was a teenager. Wilbur and his wife, Esther, arrived at The Holmstad in 2020. He soon became involved in the wood shop where he enjoys making wooden toys and games.

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This year, Wilbur has made an irresistible Canada Goose for children to pull. As it moves along, it’s neck bobbles. 


Wilbur also branched out and made bud vases of several shapes and sizes. Each holds a glass tube for the flower and water. Look for Wilber’s creations at the September 21 Bazaar.




Joe Whatley’s Handcrafted Cutting Boards

Joe Whatley at Work

Joe Whatley has enjoyed woodworking for many years. Moving to Covenant Living at the Holmstad in 2019 added camaraderie to the fun of this hobby. Among the items Joe has made is an end-grain cutting board made of walnut, cherry, and maple.

It gives Joe a great deal of satisfaction when one of his creations comes together well — and this cutting board certainly did. 

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Joe’s Handmade Cutting Board from Walnut, Cherry, and Maple Would Make a Great Gift! 

This 14″ X 10″ board is treated with food grade mineral oil. Although Joe created it as a cutting board, it’s beauty would also serve as a charcuterie board or other hospitality piece. 





Hand-Turned Bowls and Walking Sticks by Richard (Mac) MacFeely

For The Love of Walking & Wood Turning

Walking sticks — or the longer version hiking sticks – have been around as long as people have walked. They are often made from branches and roots or any wood of the forest. Popular woods are walnut, maple, oak and hickory. The tops can be cast metal or carved wood. Mac will custom fit each stick to the buyer. Mac shares, “Turning, carving and assembling the sticks has kept me challenged. I love helping others find their stride.”

Mac has taught woodturning to other Holmstad woodworkers. He makes exquisite bowls from various woods. Look for his bowls on September 21. 


Three of Mac’s walking sticks that will be offered at the September 21 Bazaar

Mac’s handcrafted walking sticks make great Christmas gifts and will be available at The Holmstad Bazaar on September 21 from 9 am-3 pm. Stop by Mac’s table in the Bazaar’s Wood Shop to find out more about his handcrafted sticks.

This is more detail of one of the sticks above. Mac made this out of a pool cue and topped it with an eight-ball. 

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Jack Franklin’s Turned Wood Keepsakes

Jack Franklin

Jack Franklin has been working wood since he was a teen.  He learned to turn wood from woodworker “Mac” MacFeely after moving to The Holmstad. One of Jack’s specialties is designing wooden ornaments. He is also partial to cherry and has turned many lovely bowls and other serving pieces in addition to the tall cherry candle stand below. 

Look for These Turned-Wood Ornaments in the Woodshop

Jack hollows each wooden sphere before adding a hand-turned finial and inserting a battery-operated tea light. The light is on a timer with six hours on and 18 hours off. The battery is replaceable for many years of enjoyment.

45.5″ Solid Cherry Candle Stand

This 45.5″ tall solid cherry candle stand is just right by a fireplace or in an entry way. The cup at the top holds either artificial flowers (shown) or a battery-operated candle of up to 3″ in diameter. There is only one for sale in the Wood Shop.

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Shop for Beautiful Gifts Made by Our Resident Woodworkers!

Our Holmstad Wood Shop has expertly crafted wooden toys, holiday décor, and various home and garden items. Click on the Artisans section to learn more about the featured woodworkers and needlecrafters who are selling what they’ve made this year for the Bazaar on September 21. 


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Entertaining & Gifts

Charcuterie Boards and Cutting Boards

Here are just two of the styles of boards for sale on September 21. They are made with various woods, and all are finished with food grade mineral oil. The cutting board by Joe Whatley is made of end grain cherry, walnut, and maple. See more about Joe in the Artisans section. 



Mac’s Turned Wooden Bowls & Vase

Find out more about Mac’s woodworking in the Artisans section. 


Outside Dining

Tiny Bandsaw Boxes 

David Anderson created several shapes of Bandsaw Boxes — each tiny box has a drawer for treasures. Click on the Artisans section to learn more about Dave. 


Handcrafted Walking Sticks for the 2024 Bazaar

One of “Mac” MacFeely’s specialties is turning walking sticks. They range from 36″ to 40.” Mac will custom fit each stick to the buyer.  

This is more detail of one of the sticks above. Mac made this walking stick out of a pool cue and topped it with an eight-ball.

Wilbur Zirk’s Bud Vases


Each bud vase is equipped with a glass beaker for the flower and water. This is just one of the shapes that Wilbur has created. All are exquisite! See more about Wilber in the Artisans section. 


Wood-Framed Hot Plates

g, wood.


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Wooden Animals, Puzzles and Back Scratchers???

Shop for new toys and puzzles in the Wood Shop and in the Creative Arts Shop. The Book & Puzzle Shop and the Flea Market have pre-owned toys and puzzles. 


Wilbur Zirk’s 2024 Toy: Canada Goose  

This goose nods its head as it is pulled along.  Learn more about Wilbur in the Artisans section









David Anderson was not to be outdone by Wilbur — THIS is David’s Goose Back Scratcher.

Boy is it effective!

And this is David’s preschool toy beaver that flips its flat tail as the child pushes it.

Wooden Puzzles

These wooden puzzles are created by Ron Diller, son of a resident. Pieces range from 1” to 1/8” thick, 2” to 15” tall, by 2” to 20” long.  Most of them will stand up for ease of display.  Some are framed for travel or can be placed on a coffee table to entertain guests.  Learn more about Ron and his woodworking skills in the Artisans section.   

Wooden Toys

These sturdy vehicles were also crafted by Ron Diller. 





child, Christmas, gift, preschool, toddler toy, wood

preschool, toddler, gift, Christmas, child, wood, toy.


Nuts! Great for Baking, Holiday Entertaining, & Gifts

15 Varieties Offered at the Nutty Ladies Nut Shop on September 21

Holmstad residents — known as the Nutty Ladies — will be selling Terri Lynn deluxe nuts, dried fruits, and candies at the September 21 Bazaar. This year, they’re offering 15 varieties including raw and roasted nuts, granola, and nut and fruit mixes. The Nutty Ladies share that buying these nuts during the Bazaar benefits the Holmstad Benevolent Care Fund to support residents who may have diminished resources through no fault of their own. 

Deluxe Mixed Nuts (no peanuts) 

These are popular Christmas gifts for those you want to remember but don’t know what to give.  

Giant Malted Milk Balls

Until you’ve tried these, you haven’t tasted the best! They make great stocking stuffers. 

Fancy Mammoth Pecan Halves

Most raw pecans are expensive and small. These are very large, sweet, and reasonably priced. Raw light walnuts will also be available.  

Colossal Pistachios

Great for snacking — these are especially fresh and easy to open. 

Heart Healthy Nut Mix

Also offered on September 21 are Harvest Medley, Sweet & Salty Trail Mix, and Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix. 

Giant Whole Cashews

Resident Marsha Christie declares, “The roasted cashews are huge and so sweet. They are the best!”