Holiday Ornaments

The 2023 Holmstad Bazaar Wooden Ornament

Resident Jack Franklin hollows each wooden sphere before adding a hand-turned finial and inserting a battery-operated tea light. The light is on a timer with six hours on and 18 hours off. The battery is replaceable for many years of enjoyment. Find out more about Jack in the Artisans section. 


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There are a few of the popular green Sea Urchin Ornaments still available! These are small and would be lovely on a small tree or hung on a wire stand. 

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Entertaining & Gifts

Charcuterie Boards and Pizza Peels

Here are just two of the styles of boards for sale on September 30. They are made with various woods, and all are finished with food grade mineral oil.

Elegant Wooden Boxes

Resident Joe Whatley crafted keepsake wooden boxes from several woods. A feature about Joe and another photo of one of his boxes is in the Artisans section. 

Tiny Bandsaw Boxes 

David Anderson created several shapes of Bandsaw Boxes — each tiny box has a drawer for treasures. Click on the Artisans section to learn more about Dave. 


More of Dave’s bandsaw boxes and wooden hospitality items crafted by Dave and Dick “Mac” MacFeely. 

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Handcrafted Walking Sticks for the 2023 Bazaar


One of “Mac” MacFeely’s specialties is turning walking sticks. They range from 36″ to 40.” Mac will custom fit each stick to the buyer.  Find out more about his woodworking in the Artisans section. 

Detail of Mac’s 2023 Walking Sticks


This is more detail of one of the sticks above. Mac made this walking stick out of a pool cue and topped it with an eight-ball. 

Visit the Holmstad Gift Shop While You’re at the Bazaar

The Holmstad Gift Shop is operated by resident volunteers. It will be open during the September 30 Bazaar. Stop in to purchase commercially produced and handmade cards created by residents. Also available are seasonal items, children’s toys and activities for quiet time. In addition to the regular merchandise, the Gift Shop will have a table of clearance bargains. Come and find that special gift!

Autumn gifts and decor are in stock. 


Several residents make cards that are popular in the Gift Shop. Commercial cards are also available at reasonable prices. 

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Lovely Jewelry to Enhance Your Style on a Budget

Shoppers are always anxious to see what interesting pieces of jewelry we have each year, so they hurry to this shop. You’ll find hundreds of women’s earrings, necklaces, rings, pins, and bracelets that are priced to sell.  There are seasonal pieces and jars of jewelry that could be used by crafters or for children’s sorting and dress-up fun. The jewelry is all in good condition, some are new. All were donated by residents and friends. 


Sample of Turquoise-colored Jewelry 

There are Many Interesting Necklaces Available

Some Jewelry is Seasonal


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Come Browse Through the Collections


Secondhand Treasures at Great Prices

The “This and That” Shop is a flea market chock full of vintage items, glassware, small kitchen appliances and wares, office supplies, toys, sports equipment, home décor. Look for baskets and seasonal and Christmas décor.  Here are samples of the items that have been donated for the 2023 Bazaar.  



16″ Viking Nutcracker

24″ Angel for Protected Outdoor or Indoor Use

Tables sold separately.

Large variety of Practical Household Items


Dressing Table Set

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Fall & Christmas Decor


 Here’s a sample of the fall and Christmas décor that you’ll find on September 30. All of these are created by Holmstad residents. Some are one-of-a-kind. Explore the Artisans section to learn more about some of our creative residents. 

Wool Felted Pumpkins 

 Residents made these small wool pumpkins that are great fall decor for shelves or to sit on your Thanksgiving table. 


A Handmade Christmas Tree Skirt

Every year, resident Judy Larson stitches a sought-after holiday item that is snapped up at the Bazaar. This year, she crafted a felt Christmas tree skirt. Measuring 60″ across, it can also be used as a cover for a round table. Read more about Judy in the Artisans section.  Note: The skirt has been left uncut. Depending upon the wishes of the buyer, Judy will cut a slit into it to wrap around a tree base.  

Seasonal Wreaths

This year, resident Ellen Askren is offering her favorite fall wreath for the September 30 Bazaar. It is 30” and is constructed on a grapevine.  To the right is Ellen’s 24” Christmas wreath which she is also selling on September 30.  Ellen’s wreaths can also be found at a 3rd St. Geneva store.  Find out more about Ellen in the Artisans section.

On the left are two of the wooden snowmen you’ll find on September 30. They stand about 6″ tall. On the right is an 8″ ghost couple decked out for Halloween.  

BIG: This is one of the Christmas banners residents have available. It is 30″ X 45.” 



SMALL:  Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus are 9″ and the wreath made of slices from tree branches is almost 12.”





Christmas, Fall, Halloween, Holiday, wreath








Christmas, fall, holiday, wreath, Halloween

Looking For a New House Plant?

Plants you’ll find on September 30

The Plant Shop offers a wide variety of house plants propagated by our residents. As of September 14, more than 100 plants have been donated. Below are some of those. One of the rarer plants that is included in the sale is a Chinese Evergreen, which thrives on indirect light. In the Plant Shop you’ll also find other varieties of plants to decorate your home. Commercially grown mums will also be available again this year

Some of Our Favorites

Large Angel Wing Begonia

(L to R) Chinese Evergreen (great plant for lower light conditions) Christmas Cactus, and a gorgeous Peacock Plant                                      

(L to R) Pink Arrowhead Plant, Snake Plant, and Ivy 


Propagating Plants for the Bazaar

Plant Shop Chair Rosemary Henders is one of the residents who spend many hours propagating new plants to offer at the September 30 Bazaar.  Rosemary will be in the Plant Shop to share information about the plants for sale. 



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Quality Furniture, Accessories, and Housewares at Reasonable Prices

Holmstad’s Home Store, a Resale Shop

Amazing treasures await you at Holmstad’s Home Store.  Our specialty is quality furniture and housewares at very reasonable prices.  Open September 30 from 9 to 3 as part of the Bazaar.  Cash or check only.  The Home Store is also open other Saturdays from 10 to 2. The items shown are examples of the types of furniture you will find in the store. They were available on August 29. If already sold, other beautiful furniture awaits you! 

Dining Sets

Sofa Table & Sofa

This glass-topped metal sofa table backs a large sofa. There are several sofas in the Home Store.  

Chairs in a variety of styles


Antique Side Tables

There are two similar side tables. 


furniture, chair, table, dresser, lamp, appliance

The lamp & Rockwell plates are also for sale. 




Small Appliances

 4-Slot Toaster & Cuisinart mini-chopper.


Serving & Entertaining